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Basic sounds, simple melodic patterns and scales need introduction and orderly repetition. These books are designed to aid that process.

Click and watch videos done by Don. The books are based on 35 years of teaching experience

Four Questions to Ask About Your Band Program

  1. Does a young band need to sound harsh and grating?
  2. Will a discordant sounding band attract next years students?
  3. Do parents, siblings, and relatives enjoy hearing gross noises at the spring concert?
  4. Do you like the feeling that comes from standing in front of a non musical sounding group?

Explore my supplementary materials, build them into your band program and the answers to the above four questions will please you, the kids, the parents and the new students who will join the band.

Sound Singing for Wind Instruments
& Excellent Brass Buzzing Exercises

Elementary Technique and Intermediate Technique Development for Band Books
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Intermediate Technique Development for Band Books
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Introduction to Elementary Intermediate Band Technique


Playable Elementary Fingering Chart


Basic Sounds for Beginning Band - Play All Chords


First practical tonality for elementary band. E flat concert


Elementary Band Technique and Warm Up


Elementary Band Technique- Build from Students Strength


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